Vision Screening

Free Eye Screening for

Pre-School Children

Brownsburg Lions Club in collaboration with the Hendricks County Bank is offering free eye screenings at local daycare centers and pre-schools that wish to participate!

Hendricks County Bank and Trust assists in funding all Hendricks county screenings.

        Itís as easy as having your picture taken. 

        A special camera is used to photograph the childís eyes. 

        The photos are sent to a University lab. 

        The results are communicated directly to the parents.

This illustrates how the screening is done.  The white box is a camera and is used to take a picture

of the eyes of the person being evaluated.  The photo is evaluated by trained specialists at IU School of Optometry. 

 The photo screening is capable of detecting the following potential problems:

        Amblyopia (lazy eye)

        Hyperopia (far sightedness)

        Myopia (near sightedness)

        Media Opacity (ex. cataracts)

        Astigmatism (unequal focusing)

 Children between the ages of 2-5 are eligible.  Written permission from parents is required.

 Have your child care center contact the webmaster to schedule a free screening at their facility! (minimum six children for each session)