Membership Chairman Brownsburg Lions Club--Ray Furner

Who are the Lions? Lions are one of the oldest and most successful service organizations in the world.  Presently, Lions Clubs are found in more than 209 geographical locations in the world.  There are about 46,000 clubs with approximately 25-50 members each.  If you do the math, it totals nearly 1.5 million members. 

Lions have been in Brownsburg for more than 88 years.  Call 852-8087 check with the Webmaster to find out how the Lions work to make Brownsburg, and the world a better, safer place to live.  Check us out.  You can help make a difference.

History of Lions Clubs International

Melvin Jones:  He was a successful insurance agent in Chicago, who met regularly with several friends at lunch.  Gradually, Jones came to realize that a person who was doing well should make provisions to give something back to society. That was in 1917.  As a result, Lions Clubs International was born with the first convention held in 1922.  Charter members were Mexico, Canada, and China. 

Brownsburg Lions Club was formed in 1929, and in 2019 the club celebrated its 90th anniversary.

Helen Keller:  Keller was blind, deaf, and could not speak.  Yet she overcame those difficulties to address the Lions International Convention in 1925.  She challenged the Lions to become "Knights for the Blind."  We did, and the rest is history.  Today, Lions support a multitude of projects designed to help those who are so unfortunate to be blind, and to help prevent the occurrence of blindness in others. 

Leo Clubs:  Leo Clubs first appeared on the scene in 1957, the result of a high school coach who believed that young people needed exposure to the problems in our world, and encouragement to find solutions.  The Shamrocks Leo Club was founded at St. Malachy School in 2004.  If you would like to have a Leo Club at your school,   contact the webmaster.

We Serve!  Our motto says it all.  Lions devote many hours each week to the improvement of our community and state.  If you ask a Lion why he joined, he will tell you that Lions provide an opportunity to be a part of a much larger organization, to accomplish things that are necessary for the community, which they would never have attempted as an individual.  We are proud of our community, our state, and our nation.  We have a lot of fun in what we do.  Come on, look us over.  You'll be glad you did